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Specializing in Real Hair
Highest Quality Hair in South Africa at the Best Price
  • proven consistency in quality and supply
  • products cater for both the ethnic and caucasian markets 
  • best wholesale pricing (dynamic pricing based on your cart value) directly to the public , salons . distributors , retailers  (No min order quantity  - salons can apply for further discounts)
  • very few, if any supplier, in South Africa can match our quality and none our pricing.
  • widest variety, unlimited stock,  all lengths & colours, latest global trends
  • hair is real so guaranteed not to tangle and shed and can be coloured, hot ironed, blow dried and washed as frequently as desired 
  • Real hair has no grading associated with it as you cannot get more pure hair than real hair. It’s the best of the best. Grading is the percentage mix of real hair vs non-real hair   (see note 1 below - other hair in the market )
  • primary products are virgin remy - cuticle intact aligned in the same direction
  • natural hair is all unprocessed - sourced globally & from the temples in India
  • unique slow cold water colouring  process
  • unique steam processing of curly hair - no chemicals 
  • appearance  of natural luscious, bouncy real hair
  • wefts reinforced over layered 3 to 4 Times
  • wigs and closures are double knotted, with glue to prevent shedding
  • strands bonded with strong keratin and unique non shedding process  the keratin easily breaks down whilst removing causing zero damage to the hair
  • micro bonds used have silicone inside to protect the hair. Slides out easily - zero damage
  • tape in hair (walker tape) seamlessly reinforced to prevent shedding
  • one of the few, if not only, company offering a manufacturing guarantee
  • hair reusable - longevity 1 to 5 years ( depends on range) 
  • hair density available (wefts & strands)
    • double drawn      Same thickness from top to bottom. To give maximum volume
    • natural drawn  In between single and double drawn. Is nearly as thick a double drawn. Gives decent volume 
    • single drawn  Thicker at the top and middle but tapers (thins) towards the end to make the hair look natural.
      hair density available (wefts & strands)
  • hair density available (wigs & closures)
    • Wig Normal 120 ,  Wig Medium 150,  Wig High 180.                                      This is how much hair is added to the wig to give it fullness and volume . 120 is perfect for most people , but if one prefers more volume then 150 or 180 is recommended

Note 1

Other Hair in the Market

 100% human hair & remy graded hair 5AAA to 10AAA comes from China and is the percentage of real hair vs a mix of horse hair, mono-fibre, synthetic hair and non-Remy hair with silicone. Hair is mixed lengths, non- remy is stripped cuticle using an acid process, purely manufactured., lacks longevity. 10AAA does not mean its 100% real either as you can now purchase 12AAA and 14AAA , it never stops. Hair will likely tangle, matte and shed in a relatively short period of time. There is no consistency, it just luck of the draw how long the hair lasts. It is generally not conducive for working out in the gym or daily washing or heating. It will never give the appearance  of natural luscious, bouncy real hair.