Indian Temple Premium Hand Clip In Single Drawn (Single Track) Straight Dark Blondes

R 2,120

Clip In -  wefts/weaves are used to create a more simple approach, where clips are sowed into the track, allowing for an easy application(DIY), especially when extending your hair is a must for certain occasions  

Hand Weft  - are made by hand. They are much thinner and lay flatter against the scalp than normal Wefts. 

Single Drawn: Thicker at the top and middle but tapers (thins) towards the end to make the hair look natural

Straight: Extremely versatile and can be straightened dead straight or curled to any desired style as frequently as one likes.

Weight: 100g / Piece

No of pieces recommended for Clip in:

  • Single Track = 100g is 10 clip in pieces – perfect for length
  • Double Track = 200g is 10 clip in pieces – perfect for length & volume


Wholesale Price: 25% off the Retail price (available to Hair Salons and directly to the Public)

Shipping: orders take 7-10 working days to arrive at your doorstep (T&c"s apply)

Recommendation: Budget & Plan 30 days in advance, when placing orders for a particular event, with a strict date and time deadline.

Manufacturing Guarantee: This product has a one month Manufacturing Guarantee

Hair Maintenance: As the hair is real it can be washed as frequently as required using any shampoo and /or conditioner that does not contain sulphate. Every two to three months, due to hair growth, make an appointment with your stylist to remove, wash and reinstall the hair pieces.


Indian Temple Hair (Gold Range) Sourced directly from the Temples in India. Is derived from a Single Donor and is Virgin Remy as has never been processed and has all the cuticles aligned in the same direction. Hair texture is thick and is conducive for both the Ethnic and Caucasian markets. Natural colour is Black / Brown. Hair is guaranteed not to tangle and shed and can be coloured, hot ironed, blow dried and washed as frequently as desired. Hair is Reusable and Longevity is 3+ years.. This is part of our Gold Premium Range and highly recommended if it fits within your budget.